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Prince of Wales School in Dorchester joins the Stampede Learning Programme

A key part of Stampede by the Sea is engaging the younger generation, and we are delighted to welcome Prince of Wales School in Dorchester onto our Learning Programme.

We went along to the school to meet headteacher Gary Spracklen and some of their Reception class, who met Ponty, our Baby Hero Elephant.

Mr Spracklen says, “We’re hugely excited to be part of Stampede by the Sea. We’ve had the honour of meeting an elephant today, and we’re so excited that in a few months time we’ll have our own elephant for the children to decorate.

“This is a really great opportunity for our students to demonstrate their artistic skills, and it provides a public platform and connection for their work. It’s exciting to be part of something bigger than just within the school … and can give out students a real opportunity to showcase their talents.”

As well as being creative with their own Baby Elephant and promoting the importance of health and wellbeing by getting children outdoors, involvement in Stampede by the Sea facilitates conversations about important topics linked to elephants. This can include physical and mental health, citizenship and conservation, are crucially – the elephant in the room – what happens when someone is unwell and how to share their emotions.

With the topic around grief and dying still a taboo subject, we will work with teachers, group leaders and schools to support these conversations and how people can safely share their feelings with their friends, parents and teachers.

Clare Ash from Weldmar Hospicecare’s Fundraising Team is co-ordinating the Stampede by the Sea Learning Programme, and says, “This covers so many areas of learning, it’s about wellbeing, it’s about awareness of things like bereavement, supporting each other and working together as part of a community. There are so many angles to the Learning Programme, and the creativity is part of that. We’re very pleased that the Prince of Wales School have joined the herd!”


Join our herd.

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