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J. P. Morgan

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J.P. Morgan Bournemouth is home to more than 5,000 employees, many of whom work directly with clients of our Corporate & Investment Bank and Commercial Bank as well as a large number in operations, technology, audit and compliance.

Growing from 650 employees in 1986, J.P. Morgan has leveraged the skills of the local workforce in the Dorset region and throughout the U.K.

The location plays a critical role in supporting J.P. Morgan’s daily operations, clients and the global financial system. Our employees demonstrate pride and commitment to the work they do and a sincere passion to support our local community.


Be part of an amazing event

There are so many great reasons why getting involved with Stampede by the Sea will benefit your brand. Honestly, who’s going to walk past a six foot tall decorated elephant in the street and not want to stop to find out more?

Sponsor Benefits

Brand association with such a highly anticipated event and Dorset’s largest independent charity.

Employee and customer engagement, such as choosing your bespoke design

Drive footfall to our local area, your own website, social media or premises

Get creative with photo and video for PR opportunities

Corporate Social Responsibility, supporting the local community and economy

Build relationships and networking, engaging with other sponsors and partners at our eventsy point

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